Good Morning Los Santos!: Trevor in the morning

Back to you, Trevor!

With Grand Theft Auto V’s system of alternating between three distinct protagonists, the developers encountered an interesting design problem, how would the player change between characters? The simplest solution would be to switch to a character and start with them in their home, to allow the player to have a consistent starting point for their gameplay.  However, in an effort to bring the game to life, and to help define the personalities of each character, developer Rockstar Games introduced a transition system with flair.

When transitioning to another character you get to peer into the lives they lead, for example transitioning to Michael after playing as Franklin might put you at a lunch date ending between Michael and his estranged wife, whereas transitioning back might put you with Franklin breaking up a fight between his hotheaded friend and his neighbors after a game of pickup basketball in the park.


(Transitioning to Trevor being chased by 4 police cars)

However, these light glimpses into these characters lives pale in comparison to the outlandish situations the players find themselves in when transitioning to Trevor. His lifestyle of drunken / drugged up benders puts him into all kinds of crazy situations, and his unhinged personality means that you’re never sure if his interactions will be subdued and apathetic to the world around him, hyper-aggressive, or jovially gregarious.

(Transitioning to Trevor stealing a taco from a pedestrian only to throw it back at them)

Below is a compilation video I created of some of my favorite Trevor transitional moments:

(Video footage of some classic Trevor transitions)

Have you ever had a memorable, rare, or simply over the top transition in GTA? If you liked this article or have your own stories to share, please leave a comment below or write in to


Andrew Mantilla is a ludologist and video game journalist for Play Professor.  You can check out more of his content on FacebookInstagramand Youtube.


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