Puck the Prospector – part 2: practice

I wrote about my inspiration for a character based off of the pickaxe in my character article Puck the Prospector -part 1: Inspiration.  In today’s article I expand upon the development of my character Puck, and the process I went through in defining his playstyle.

I began with Puck’s playthrough, feeling liberated after playing with my pacifist character Pom Pom, whose character article series can be found starting with Pom Pom the Illusionist – part 1: Inspiration, since with his character I wanted to explore the madness of a man obsessed with mining for riches.

A hunger for ore

My initial plan was to have Puck be single minded with his only interest being finding every last ore deposit in Skyrim be it in a mine, a cave, or just on the side of a mountain. As I began my playthrough I made my way to Riverwood I stopped by a cave to find my first pickaxe, from there the playstyle defined itself.  I was hooked on rushing into the din of battle, hacking and slashing any enemy that stood in the way of Puck and his dreams.

Going berserk 

After playing around with using Alteration as his off-hand spell to provide him with some protection, since my playthrough with him will be completed using enchanted miner’s clothes, I noticed that during fights I didn’t need to apply his flesh spells that often.  I felt that he could be doing more with his off hand so I gave him a second pickaxe.  Not only did this increase his damage output, but it also added to the roleplaying of a madman, relentlessly fighting his way to his goals.


(Puck dual wielding Pickaxes)

Puck the Prospector 

After some experimentation I have defined Puck’s playstyle as one a blitz style of combat, rushing at enemies and landing furious blows with his pickaxes while being protected from theirs with his Alteration spells. I am now focusing Puck on the following skills:

  • One-handed: to land devastating blows with his pickaxes
  • Alteration: magic to protect himself with flesh spells that give him an armor rating while wearing his unassuming miner’s clothes
  • Blacksmithing: To put all of his ore to good use, and to generate his income
  • Enchanting: To increase the strength of his pickaxes and clothing by applying magical effects

Below is some gameplay footage of Puck using Alteration spells like Oakflesh to protect himself before entering battle, and going berserk on some enemies with his pickaxe.

This is the second installment in my character series titled Puck the Prospector, if you enjoyed it please feel free to read through the other articles within the series. I welcome discussion on this topic and if you have experiences of your own you wish to share please do so in the comments below, or write in to playprofessor@gmail.com.


Andrew Mantilla is a ludologist and video game journalist for Play Professor.  You can check out more of his content on FacebookTwitterInstagramand Youtube.

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