Sandora the Shieldmaiden – part 1: Inspiration

This is the third of many character articles I will be producing about my own personal character builds in Skyrim; today I’m introducing Sandora the Shieldmaiden.

Uthgerd’s best friend

I have played through the beginning levels of Skyrim countless times, I acquire followers in a fairly regular pattern starting with Faendal or Sven in Riverwood and then switching to Uthgerd in Whiterun when I encounter her.  I have always had a fondness for Uthgerd because of personality as a no-nonsense character and resolve in combat, her high level starting gear and ability to engage high level enemies also add to her attractiveness as a follower.


(Sandora (left) and Uthgerd (right))

Inspired by her strength to make a character of equal strength and to actually roleplay as Uthgerd’s follower in her adventures throughout Skyrim. With this in mind I took into account Uthgerd’s background as a Nord and her fierce efforts to exemplify the strengths of her heritage.

Skyrim_20161119153935(Sandora with a full iron heavy armor, weapon and shield)

Understanding her primary motivation to exist as a Nord warrior, I created Sandora, a shield maiden, equally devoted to her Nord ancestry as Uthgerd. The two of them would travel to Windhelm to Join the Stormcloaks and fight for the Nords’ control of Tamriel.  The concept of two roaming Nord women wreaking havoc, and standing unshaken by even the most fearsome foes was delightful to explore.

This is the first installment in my character series titled Sandora the Shieldmaiden, if you enjoyed it please feel free to read through the other articles within the series. I welcome discussion on this topic and if you have experiences of your own you wish to share please do so in the comments below, or write in to

Andrew Mantilla is a ludologist and video game journalist for Play Professor.  You can check out more of his content on FacebookTwitterInstagramand Youtube.

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