Wanted Train: Challenge

Catch that train!

In one of GTA V’s most exciting moments Trevor is forced into an action sequence that culminates with him jumping a motorcycle onto a train and riding it across the train cars.  This sequence is set up as a challenge for the player but ultimately has some scripted areas to make the flow of the action cinematic and over-the-top.  In GTA San Andreas, the game allowed you to steal trains and accelerate them to breakneck speeds, yet GTA V doesn’t, so the player interaction with trains is quite limited; including only the stunt Trevor pulls in aforementioned mission or being sideswiped by one.

While this was intended to be a point in the game highlighting its big set pieces, it got me thinking, if there is nothing that can be done to slow or  derail the trains, they would be a perfect platform from which to launch an assault against the military forces on the map. Thus I have included a fun 2 part challenge utilizing some stunt work and gunplay. It’s great entertainment for pass-and-play GTA sessions with your friends. Let me know if you tried it out.  Did you modify the rules to better suit how you and your friends play, if so, how?

Wanted Train : challenge (GTA V) 

*Disclaimer: this challenge is only intended for the fictional world of GTA and should not be attempted in the real world*


  • Vehicle: Any motorcycle or quad, (dirtbike or quad recommended since many of the jumps are in rural areas)
  • Starting location: The northern most train track, follow the trail headed from east to west. You will see multiple small jumps that allow you to jump the motorcycle onto the train.
  • Starting weapons: Amass as many weapons and ammo as possible using cheats if needed  (a quick cheat list can be found here)
  • Objective:
    • Find the train tracks that run south west along Sandy Shores.
      Grand Theft Auto V_20161217154112
      Follow the track along the south side of Sandy Shores

      Grand Theft Auto V_20161217154131
      You will find jumps along the south side of the tracks at this location
    • Follow a train that passes by and drive along the south side of the tracks, keeping your eye out for a jump
    • Jump your vehicle onto the train, the easiest are the empty train cars, which feature a flatbed surface with raised walls to catch you and your bike, but more importantly to be used as cover for your shootouts.
      Grand Theft Auto V_20161217154152
    • Once onboard the train, cause mayhem and try to attract as much police / military attention as possible (because of the constant speed of the train and the tunnels it uses you may lose your wanted level even a 5 star. To achieve and maintain your wanted level you may want to use cheats (a quick cheat list can be found here))
      Grand Theft Auto V_20161217155345
      Take cover behind the train car wall from the SWAT sharpshooters

      Grand Theft Auto V_20161217155336
      Trevor taking shots at a police helicopter to maintain his wanted level
    • Enjoy the frantic, desperate, and futile attempts law enforcement does to assault your train.

(Video of my Wanted Train challenge run)

Andrew Mantilla is a ludologist and video game journalist for Play Professor.  You can check out more of his content on FacebookTwitterInstagramand Youtube.

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