Tow Up, Snow Down: Challenge

Tow to the top

In Just Cause 2, I loved finding a powerful helicopter and towing my favorite dune buggy up to a clear mountain pass and riding it down the mountain.  In Just Cause 3 I kept this tradition alive and have made it into a challenge.

Tow up, Snow down: Challenge (Just Cause 3) 

Today’s stunt involves getting a helicopter and towing your favorite road vehicle up to the highest mountain in the game and driving down it as far as you can, before your vehicle gets destroyed. It’s great entertainment for pass-and-play Just Cause 3 sessions with your friends. Let me know if you tried it out and what you thought in the comments below or by writing in to Did you modify the rules to better suit how you and your friends play, if so, how?


  • Vehicle:
    – Urga Hrom D (Helicopter): one always spawns in a ruined industrial building at
    N 40 48.290 E 5 32.875, I’ve selected it for its ability to tow larger vehicles with ease.
    – Weimarner (Suv): A Jeep / SUV looking Medici Military vehicle which can be found patrolling on the roads.
  • Locations:
    – Retrieve the tow helicopter from the above stated location.

    Just Cause 3_20170127162643
    The Urga Hrom D helicopter always spawns in a ruined industrial building in the northwest area of the Maestrale region, near its Rocca Blau border

    – Tether any vehicle you would like to take down the mountain, the suggested Weimarner can be found patrolling along the road halfway up the mountain making it an easy one to use for the stunt.

    Just Cause 3_20170127162903
    Map with waypoint showing which road to use for getting a vehicle to tow

    Just Cause 3_20170128114911
    Towing a vehicle up the mountain
  • Objectives:
    – Tow a vehicle up to the top of the highest mountain in the Montana region using a helicopter

    Just Cause 3_20170128101247
    Be careful of letting the vehicle sway too much, if it swings too hard the tether’s will break!

    – Release the vehicle safely onto the open snow area

    Just Cause 3_20170128101503
    Vehicle at the snowy summit, ready to be raced down the mountain!

    – Drive full speed down the mountain, as far as you can go before destroying your vehicle.

    (Video of my Tow Up, Snow Down challenge run)


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